Watch Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter (2021) Hindi Dubbed (Unofficial) WEBRip 720p & 480p Online Stream – 1XBET

Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter (2021) Hindi [Unofficial Dubbed]  WEBRip 720p & 480p [Stream Online] ,
Watch Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter Full Movie in Hindi Online on .


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Watch Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter (2021) Hindi Dubbed (Unofficial) WEBRip 720p & 480p Online Stream – 1XBET

Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter (2021 Movie)

Language: Hindi [Fan Dubbed Voice Over]

Quality: 720p & 480p [WEBRip]

  • IMDb Rating: 6.1/10
  • Director: Chandler Thistle  
  • Stars:  Connor Clark, Ryan Rickard, Leilani Tigerlily
  • Genres: Horror

Note: This is Not A Official Hindi Dubbed It’s a Hindi Fan Dubbed Version by 1XBET !!

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Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter 2021 Film Review:

Cant decide whether it is a masterpiece or just utter chaos. Very unique movie with a great sound track, visuals, and energy to it. Highly recommend! Satan wakes up and clockwork oranges his eyeballs to this flick because it gets nuts crazy fast. Bad trip isn’t the right word as the situation turns into a purple haze of satanic lust and murder. We get some questionable reality stuff, mainly because you see the ugliest dudes in Aus getting with the least-ugliest girls. One dude named Peacock can only hook up with his gf if she lets him talk through a Nazi dummy. He can’t get laid then gets murdered while peeing out his… (get it?). After this you realize, this isn’t a trip. Satan is stoked.

We get robed Templar witches that run an acid lab in a cave, grave robbing hobos, witches ripping bong hits from human hearts, records playing backwards, some obligatory poor taste stuff, a black mass, etc., etc. It’s all there to leave a bad taste of blood and bong water in your mouth. I swear to the morning star you won’t see a better drugged out psychedelic crescendo of craziness than the last 20mins of this film. I would have said screw the corny plot and just made a two hour Electric Wizard vid from all of the beautiful footage at the end. Plus, you’ll never hear more Aussies say “wot c*nt?” ever in your life.

While Satan was worried early on, this film pays the hell off in the end. I should say the devil (being Italian) is ripping pissed about the eff’d up way Ricky eats spaghetti. Satan himself commanded me to watch this next cuz it’s topical at the moment. First, it has an amazing soundtrack thanks to its choice Electric Wizard and Black Furs cuts w/ EW bebs Mephistopheles.

This film is a mindblast of skull ripping leaf-hand path scenery and cornball, slide-whistle and a pop humor. LSD is Aussie youngin’ Chandler Thistle’s first flick and holy gods this kid is a master of the satanic psychedelic aesthetic, building a world of colors I hate that I don’t live in. Here we get 4 friends smoking the Devil’s lettuce (Lucifer is keto) rolling through the Aussie suburbs to a drug party amidst a Satanic panic. One protester’s sign says “God Hates Riffs,” (Satan disagrees cuz Trouble put out Psalm 9, what the eff say you?). These friends meet up with their plug Ricky, aka the Acid King in a clear shoutout to the 80s Satanic panic killer. Ricky shreds their worlds by giving them tabs from an acid witch’s alchemical blotter (if you buy the blu-ray, you get one too).

Lucifer’s Satanic Daughter (2021) Movie : Full StoryLine –

An evil lysergic witch is summoned after Ricky “The Acid King” sacrifices his friend to Satan.

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